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When talking about a renaissance, it naturally makes to look at the periods of local and regional art history of our country. No one can deny that there has been significant developments, out of which the National Theatre stands tall and proud. Since its establishment, it has served as a major events venue, relaxation centre and tourists spots for both nationals and foreigners. We have been able to maintain the serenity of the environment over the years through sheer hard work.

Our halls have served as important venues for historic events, meetings and gatherings and the cinema halls have wrapped interesting dramas. These facilities have able to meet the needs of both our Nigerian and foreign guests. We take particular pride in our ability to have preserved the artistic nature of the edifice. Particular appreciation goes to the Federal Government for her massive contributions; and of course the contributions of some corporate organisations, stakeholders and individuals. Though the monument suffered a setback a few years ago due to deterioration of its facilities, it has since bounced back to life after its renovations.

We are proud to take you on a journey of architectural artistry and splendor as we showcase our state of the arts facilities. A visit you won’t forget in a hurry!

Welcome to The National Theatre

What We Offer

Diverse facilities and innovations were integrated into the basic structures, so that the halls can be easily transformed to serve required purposes.

As the slogan says, if the event matters to you, The National Theatre is the right place for it… our venue makes your event.

Should you have an event to host, go on and book a hall. Note: You may also be invited for a time out event, live theatre arts etc, be sure to attend; get a ticket. Feel free to get a ticket from our website. Feel free to visit again.

Excursion is indeed a very important and effective means of motivation and engagement in active learning experience; hence schools, especially, are encouraged to participate.

Who We Are

Our Vision

The National Theatre of Nigeria by basic description is the NATIONAL HOME OF ENTERTAINMENT.
In view of this, it has been built with facilities and halls for stage performances, film shows art exhibitions, cultural shows, musical performances, conferences, meetings, etc and even indoor sports activities like table tennis, wrestling, boxing, circus shows etc. Given these impressive facilities, it is envisioned that

  • the National Theatre will host on a daily basis one form of entertainment or the other. It is a place that should bubble with entertainment activities which must be crowd pulling.
  • The stakeholders in the entertainment industry should see the National Theatre as a number one choice where their works can be exhibited to the public not only for financial gain…

Our Mission

The Management is committed to achieving the objectives for which the National Theatre was established, with regard to the presentation, preservation and promotion of arts and culture in Nigeria. As a partially commercialized Federal Government parastatal, it is determined to broaden its mandate by becoming more innovative and adventurous in order to survive in a competitive market.
The National Theatre is, therefore;

  • To be customer oriented.
  • To recognize the social needs of the society.
  • To foster unity and understanding in its heterogeneous community.
  • To operate profitably.
  • To be able to meet the demands of patrons and members of the public and give the Parastatal a good image at all times.
  • To be relevant to the public that it serves.
  • To be a tourist attraction
  • To contribute to the economic vitality of our nation, while promoting Nigeria as a vibrant cultural destination, and
  • To enhance the good image of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Dr. (Mrs.) Stella Oyedepo, since assumption of duty as GM/CEO, has been carefully refocusing the vision and mission of this great organisation. Meet the team


The National Theatre is an architectural masterpiece and a cultural landmark located at Iganmu, in the heart of Lagos. It is easily accessible from every corner of the city. Covering an area of about 23,000 square meters and standing well over 31 metter tall, the multipurpose Nation Theatre was established for preservation, presentation and promotion of Arts and Culture in Nigeria.



Even though the edifice has been in use since late 1975, it was formally opened by the then head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Gen Olusegun Obasanjo on September 30, 1975, five months before FESTAC 77. Since then it has hosted a good number of international music concerts, dramas, film shows, symposia, exhibitions, workshops and even sports.


Until 2020

Between 1975 till date, National Theatre has been managed by quite a couple of administrators.


The Design

The design for this edifice was taken from the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna, Bulgaria. The Contract for its construction was signed on April 24, 1973, during Gen. Yakubu Gowon’s regime with the Bulgarians construction company called Technoexportsroy, the main constructors for the building of the complex.



Apart from providing a befitting venue for the 2nd World Black African Festival of Arts and Culture [FESTAC 77] which Nigeria successfully hosted in January/February, 1977 and for which the National Theatre provided more than adequate venues, the complex is to be a rallying point for both Nigeria and international artistes wishing to share experience with their Nigerian counterparts.


New headship of Management

Currently, since 2020, a new General Manager and Chief Executive Officer assumed the headship of the National Theatre management with grace, profound leadership style and  mandate in the national icon’s revamp.



The 8726 light points is made up of 1,003 incandescent bulbs and 7723 fluorescent tubes.
There are standby electricity generators aside public power to ensure the success of events. National Theatre can handle up to 12 events simultaneously with sufficient parking space aside the 250 capacity underground car park.







Area (sqm)


Height (m)


Lighting Points


Edifice Floors

Meet the GM/CEO

GMCEO 2020-September-1 National Theatre

Prof. S.E. Ododo

Prof. S.E. Ododo


The National Theatre, standing majestic in the heart of Lagos, exudes an unbeatable beauty. This iconic building remains symbolic in the cultural and political history of our great country Nigeria...

Welcome To This NATIONAL ICON – The Right Place for your Events

The GM/CEO, National Theatre, welcomes you to this edifice standing majestic in the heart of Lagos, exuding unbeatable beauty. This iconic building remains symbolic in the cultural and political history of our great country Nigeria…READ MORE

Meet the Minister of Information & Culture

Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed

Minister of Information & Culture

Alhaji Lai Mohammed is the current Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture. Come Sunday 12th July 2020, Federal Government is expected to hand over the country’s number one iconic theatre, National Theatre Iganmu Lagos to the bankers committee and expected to run as a private sector driven art facility...


Lai Mohammed is the current Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture. By Sunday 12th July 2020, Federal Government handed over the country’s number one iconic theatre, National Theatre Iganmu Lagos to the bankers committee and expected to run as a private sector driven art facility...READ MORE